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Names should be separated by an Enter.The preferred format is gene symbol. Other supported formats are:gene and protein RefSeq,Uniprot,Unigene and Ensembl.

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About MORE

MORE is a Mesh Ontology based annotation and enRichment analysis systEm.

High-throughput experiments have generated lists of large scale “interesting” genes, however, the biological interpretation of these gene lists presents challenges for bioinformatics. The current gene annotation tools such as GoMiner, DAVID heavily rely on gene annotation database of limited biological knowledges (such as GOA)and have not fully utilized the wealth of biological knowledge in literature. To address this challenge, we complied the Mesh Ontology which includs multiple unique ontologies such as “Cell types”, “Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms”, “behavior and behavior mechanisms” and “Psychological Phenomena and Processes”, performed the gene -MeSH term significance co-occurrence analysis in PubMed and established a Mesh Ontology based gene annotation and enrichment analysis systEm (MORE).

MORE currently contains 5 top level MeSH ontology categories, including Anatomy, Chemicals and Drugs, Diseases, Psychiatry and Psychology, Phenomena and Process, covering 18,011 MeSH terms, 17,538 human genes and 10,275,606 pairs of connections.